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Cellardyke Cottage


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This is Two Dove Street, Cellardyke, a beautiful three-bedroomed cottage en la bord de la mer. Es acogedorita y muy preciosa, y tiene magnificent views over the firth of forth.

The shared number seems way off. Read also seems a little wacky since sometimes I simply click shift+A to mark all the items as read.

I would be very interested in seeing the number of items manually flagged as read (scrolled or clicked) vs. the entire aggregate. Overall, this is pretty cool stuff and hopefully it is just the start. I would love to see aggregate (cross user) data as well as have the chance exclude certain feeds (such as feeds that continually update with the same posts...very frustrating by the way).
I generally don't believe in luck. I think everyone is given a couple opportunities or breaks. Those who are "lucky" take advantage of those breaks. In item #1, I mentioned I backed into programming. This only happened because my employer at the time gave me a little more slack to solve a problem than necessary. I turned this slack into an opportunity to learn something new which has led to so much more.